Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Move to Canada as an Investor from the UK Brexit Quebec Immigrant Investor program

Move to Canada from the UK as an Investor 

Move to Canada under the New Quebec Investor Program available from September 2018 at Canada Investors visa Office in London

April 4th  2018 -   Canadian Investor Visa Program for High Net Worth Individuals

Deadline for signing a contract is June 2018 in order to have enough to process

Canadian Immigration Program conditions under the Quebec Investor Immigratio n Visa in order to be accepted under Canadian Immigration law.

There are 3 mandatory conditions to be met :

1- The Immigrant Investor under Quebec Investor Program  must have a minimum of 2 years of Business ownership in the last 5 years OR a minimum of 2 years as an employee under Manager or Director qualification or similar Management position

2- The Quebec Selected Immigrant Investor under Canadian Business Immigration law  must have accumulated a Net Worth of at least 20 000 000 ZAR or 1.1 M Euros or 1.100,000 GBP or $ 2,000,000$ Canadian

3- Once appproved by Quebec Government ,the Investor must pay financing fees of 325,000$ in order to Quebec Selection Certificate

As there are no age limit and no language requirements, The Quebec Investor program is very popular and is really an option only for people that can make fast decisions.  Only 570 applicants are allowed per year and applications should be ready before September  when the program reopens.

Lets start now We might have a quota for you…..but contact our Canadian Immigration Consultant in London today if you qualify to the basic requirements below and agree to the mandatory  financial contribution of 325,000$ Canadian