Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vancouver Investment Immigration ( Quebec Investor Program ) Starts in June 2018

January 2018  Canada Investors Visa 2018
Immigrant Investor Visa for Canada from South Africa and the UK before Brexit

How to immigrate to Canada from South Africa and the UK  by investing indirectly

 MUST SIGN A CONTRACT BEFORE  February  2018 and apply before June  2018

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will be available ONLY  for 570  Investors in 2018-2019 with a minimal Net Worth of at least 1,600,000 $ CAD.

In order to START  your application to the  2017-2018 Quebec Investor Program , please visit the Official Quebec Investor Program website  by VIP Business Immigration

Interested Business person or Manager should contact the Director of VIP Business Immigration Mr Max Donzella , Certified Quebec Immigration Consultant  and an Expert Accountant immediately to understand the documentation  required to qualify for the Immigrant Investor Program application

An Investor Application WILL TAKE 90 DAYS IN A RUSH  up to 6 months for complicated files

Contact MAX DONZELLA at  Quebec Immigrant Investor Application Office