Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Quebec Investor Program starting in September 2018 for Canadian Investor Immigration

How to move to Vancouver from UK  , the USA , South Africa and other countries 

New Quebec Investor Program requirements

April 4th 2018 -  Canada Investor Visa Program for High Net Worth Business Owners

Deadline for signing a contract June 2018 in order to prepare an application for September 2018 admission period under a limited 570 quota

Canadian Immigration Program conditions under the Quebec Investor Immigration Visa in order to be accepted under Business Immigration Law

There are 3 mandatory conditions to be met :

1- The QIIP Applicant under Quebec Investor Program must have a minimum of 2 years of Business ownership in the last 5 years OR a minimum of 2 years as an employee under Manager or Director qualification

2- The Immigrant Investor under Quebec Investor Visa must have accumulated a Net Worth of at least 1.6 $ USD or 1.4 M Euros or 1.200,000 Gbp ( 2,000,000$ Canadian ) during a lifetime.
No need to sell anything , just prove ownership following the VIP Business Immigration standards.

3- The Immigrant Investor under Canadian Business Immigration law and Quebec Immigrant Investor Program must pay financing fees of 325,000$ Canadian to  replace the required 1,200,000$ Canadian investment required to be accepted

See complete explanations , continue the process and ask for a detailed Canadian Immigration brochure at VIP Business Canada Investor Visa Office